Assalam alaykum.. :)

"~Say, “My prayer, my offering, my life and my death are for Allah, the Lord of all the worlds.~"
  • "She says she doesn’t care.
    But look deep into her eyes."
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  • "If you have a fiancee remember that he/she is still a non-mehram for you."
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  • "For you, I was a chapter .
    For me, You were the Book."
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  • arab-quotes:

    Naguib Mahfouz

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  • The “yes or no” game

    You can ask me anything and I’ll answer honestly, but only with yes or no.

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  • "I’m not the same everyday. There are times where I’m loud and chatty, and there are times when I’m really quiet. I don’t think I can define myself."
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  • "When my absence doesn’t alter your life, then my presence has no meaning in it."
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  • "I’d learned that some things are best kept secret."
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  • juwitaafifah:

    Just sad. 😔

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