Assalam alaykum.. :)

"~Say, “My prayer, my offering, my life and my death are for Allah, the Lord of all the worlds.~"
  • "I lose interest when I get ignored."
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    I want everyone to reblog this. I know no one will, because this isn’t a picture of a skinny girl or a deep meaningful quote. This is deeper than everything, how can someone ignore what’s happening in Gaza at the moment. This is one example of many innocent lives being threatened for no reason. This breaks my heart.

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  • And I tell myself, a moon will rise from my darkness.

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  • ستظل تسامح من تحب حتى تكرهه.


    You’ll keep forgiving the one you love till you hate them.

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  • "During suhoor, iftar or whenever you make dua .. Don’t forget your brothers and sisters in Syria, Palestine and all around the world including Kashmir."
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    • Israel: You guys should probably evacuate, we're going to drop some bombs.
    • Gaza: Okay, we're coming!
    • Israel: Well, actually, you can't come in to Israel, since you're Palestinians.
    • Gaza: But, you control all of our borders, where do we go?
    • Israel: Sounds like a personal problem.
    • Gaza: .... So, stay here?
    • Israel: If you want, but don't say we didn't warn you..
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    TODAY ‬7-16-2014 about 4:00 pm
    Israeli gunboats open fire at the seashore of ‪#‎Gaza‬, killing 4 children from the same family, torn to pieces. The children were playing on the beach as shown. (Photos)
    The martyrs are:
    Ahed Atef Baker 10 years
    Zakariyah Ahed Baker 10 years
    Mohammed Ramez Baker 11 years
    Ismail Mohammed Baker 9 years

    حسبي الله وانت نعم الوكيل

    اااااااه يا ولاد الكلب .
    حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل ،، اللهم انتقم ،، اللهم عجل بنصرك الذي وعدت .

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  • "You confuse me. There are times when it seems like I do not exist for you, and there are others where it seems I’m the only person for you."
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